How to download TikTok videos without watermark

Together with making and publishing a quick and entertaining videos on tiktok, many members of this popular social network also want to save videos from it without a watermark. Here, we’ll explain how to effectively, swiftly, and securely download TikTok movies without a watermark while avoiding any kind of interruption.

How can a Tiktok movie be downloaded without a watermark?

As was already established, a TikTok video that you choose to download will always have the TikTok watermark that identifies it as the owner’s property.

There are many methods to download TikTok videos without the watermark, but bear in mind that even if they do not, the watermark belongs to someone else and is not yours. Consequently, you should just post it for enjoyment rather than as your own property.

Applications for Downloading Watermark-free TikTok videos

You need to utilize a few third-party programs in order to download TikTok videos without the watermark. For this reason, we have assembled some useful tools that will enable you to do this kind of download.

Tokkit 4K

Tokkit 4K

You may download video from one creator at a time using 4K Tokkit, a desktop TikTok player and downloader, and you can save clips with the same soundtrack.

4K Tokkit stands out from the rest of the competitors and has a lot to offer thanks to its vast variety of features:

You may take pleasure in looking through and storing your favorite video.

The interface is simple to use; all you have to do is click on each of the directions.

Retain the original TikTok videos you downloaded in their original quality.

You may download challenges, hashtags, entire accounts, subtitles, and music videos from TikTok using 4K Tokkit. amazing display quality throughout.

Three versions of the TikTok video downloader are available: a free version, a “Personal” edition that enables automatic downloading of new videos, and a “Pro” version that also allows exporting video URLs and subtitles.

Google Studio

One of the most popular programs for downloading videos from TikTok is iTubeStudio. In actuality, it runs on Macs and Windows machines alike.

  • Locate the TikTok video without a watermark that you wish to download.
  • On the iTubeStudio app, choose “Share to a TikTok video,” and then copy the Link.
  • Next, choose “Copy link.”
  • Your chosen video will be downloaded instantly, according to a URL that you will see.
  • This program is incredibly effective since it downloads your movies without a watermark quickly.

The most crucial feature is that you may use this app’s free trial membership to see if it meets your demands before purchasing the full edition to routinely download TikTok movies without a watermark.


Using this software, it’s also possible to download TikTok videos without the watermark. With SSSTiktok, all you have to do is browse the website, enter the URL to the TikTok video you want to download without a watermark, and that’s it—no further software is required.

You may access the app using any web browser in addition to the one designed for mobile devices.

TikTok on the web

As TikTok for web is an online service that doesn’t need you to download any apps on your mobile device, it’s a fantastic alternative to download TikTok videos without the watermark.

  • These are the actions you must take to do it.
  • On your PC or mobile device, open TikTok for the web.
  • Find the TikTok video you wish to download by going to TikTok.
  • The video’s URL should be copied.
  • paste it for the web on TikTok.
  • Then click “Download Video.” With this, an MP4 download will begin.
  • You may also choose “Download music” from this menu, which will just download the mp3 version of the video’s audio.

With iOS devices, TikSave

You may use the TikSave software to securely save TikTok movies without a watermark to your iOS devices. Follow these steps to do this:

  • Use your device’s TikTok app to start.
  • To download a video, locate it.
  • Click “Share” at the lower right corner of the page.
  • Then choose “Copy Link.”
  • the TikSave application.
  • Use the “Paste” command.
  • Choose the video you downloaded.
  • Then choose the options: Save video after sharing it.

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