One of the most well-known forums on social media is Reddit. A drawback of the platform is that if a Reddit user, admin, or moderator deletes a post or remark, it is permanently removed. Losing important knowledge, a fantastic recipe, or an amusing meme can result from this.

Reddit posts can fortunately occasionally be recovered and viewed. This is how.

Note that these third-party programmes frequently stop operating due to Reddit’s constant platform modifications and the fact that they operate independently of Reddit.


For seeing and tracking deleted Reddit content, Reveddit is probably the most effective tool. But it doesn’t display user-deleted stuff (it only displays moderator-deleted or bot-deleted content).

When your posts or comments are removed, Reveddit can also let you know so that you can ask the moderators why they removed them. If you have been shadowbanned but are unaware of it, this is extremely useful.

Utilizing Reveddit:

  1. open the Reveddit website.
  2. Enter a search term in the search bar for any subreddit, a post title, or a Redditor’s username, then click Go.
  3. To allow you to view the deleted posts similarly to how you would normally navigate Reddit, Revedit will present a list of posts that have been deleted.


Unddit is a third-party application created to take the place of Removeddit and Ceddit when they ceased to function.

Reddit comments are automatically saved in the database, which is used by Unddit. You may view deleted Reddit comments by looking at a comparison between the Pushshift database and the Reddit API. A lot of removed comments won’t be displayed when the database is slow because it doesn’t appear to operate on posts.

  1. Open the Unddit website to begin using it.
  2. Add the Unddit link to your bookmarks at the top of the website.
  3. Select the post or Reddit thread where you want to view the deleted comments. Simply click the bookmarklet.
  4. A list of every Reddit comment that has been deleted from this article will now be loaded by Unddit.


Resavr is less capable than the other programmes on this list but still enables you to examine deleted Reddit comments, including those longer than 650 characters.

It’s simple to use Resavr; just go to the Resavr website and look for a removed comment. A list of all recently deleted comments can be found on the homepage as well.

Unfortunately, Resavr does not allow you to see any deleted Reddit posts even though you may view the removed comments.

Archived Page

A non-profit service called Wayback Machine tries to store older versions of websites as archival images of the past. This makes it possible to read cached web pages from earlier periods of time.

Wayback Machine can be used to view deleted comments.

Go to the Wayback Machine website first.

  1. Copy and paste the post’s URL into the search field.
  2. A calendar interface on the website will show the dates that the Wayback Machine browsed the page in blue circles. Keep track of who deleted the remark from the initial post (say, 13 days ago). Once you’ve located that date on Wayback Machine, hover over it and choose a time point.
  3. Wayback Machine will now show an older version of the particular post that still includes the deleted comments.

You may see deleted Reddit comments, posts, and even earlier modifications because of the way that Wayback Machine functions.

List of Outdated Instruments

Numerous programmes have been created over time that enable you to view deleted Reddit posts and comments. As the Reddit platform is updated or the software grows dated, many of these, nevertheless, eventually stop working. Among these no longer in use tools are:

  • Un-delete Reddit Comments: A Chrome extension with the ability to cache posts from Reddit and save them locally using the extension button.
  • One of the earliest online resources for finding deleted Reddit posts.
  • A different “parody” Reddit website that you could explore much like the main site to see content that had been removed.

Return to the Past

Overzealous moderators who like removing posts and comments from Reddit are well-known for this. Unluckily, many of these posts are helpful or at least amusing, and you might not have remembered to save them while they were still active. Thankfully, these tools frequently allow you to see deleted Reddit information once more.

Cache for Google

Google indexes web pages and saves a cached version of those pages to show to users, just as the Wayback Machine. Google’s cache allows you to see deleted Reddit comments and articles as well.

Start by typing the thread’s title into a search engine to find the Reddit post. When you locate the post in the search engine results page, follow that by clicking on the three-dot icon to the right of the entry. If there is a Cached option at the base of the modal window, it signifies that Google has cached a copy of that page, which you can view by selecting it.

If you’re lucky, the deleted remark or thread you want to read will still be there, and you’ll be able to read it before Google searches the website again and stores a new copy of it. Because Google searches websites at an incredibly high rate and rapidly refreshes its cached copies, it is evident that technique only works with recently erased comments.

Some Excellent Conversations Happen on Reddit!

Considering that someone removed deleted comments and posts for a purpose, it could initially seem inappropriate to view them. There are numerous websites that enable you to access the data and revive deleted Reddit threads. It’s very beneficial when you wish to restore an unintentionally deleted Reddit remark.

Reddit’s search functionality is so basic that it’s very probable you’ve spent hours looking for a thread you read before just to never find it again. You may not be properly using the website, or a user may have erased the post. Learning how to navigate the internet is so essential, especially on a site like Reddit where thousands of new topics are posted every hour.

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