How to Watch Movistar Plus Online and for Free: Recommended Pages and Apps

Do you know how to get free Movistar Plus online? When Movistar started providing its satellite television service and launching its own channels, the way television and channels were distributed in Spain significantly altered. They began by purchasing existing channels and renaming them, like they did with Canal +, which is now known as Movistar +. Because of this, many people try to watch it without paying for anything. These are some websites and apps we suggest for watching Movistar Plus for free online. Although we will concentrate on the alternatives so that you may enjoy the fantastic sports material that is accessible, we haven’t forgotten about series and movie fans. Consequently, if you’re seeking for series and movies, we suggest reading our articles on the best places to watch free movies and online series streaming.

Recommendations for websites and programs to stream Movistar Plus for free online

Just accessing a website without having to install anything on your devices is one of the simplest methods to watch Movistar Plus for free online. But we have included a handful at the end of the list for those who do like apps.


online pages for live streaming

Enjoy your time with Pirlo.TV is a website that you can visit for free, without signing up or purchasing a membership, and where you can watch all the sports programs, football games, and major leagues that you want.

The navigation is simple to use, and it won’t take you long to get what you’re searching for with a few clicks. As sporting activities are divided up into hours, it is also well optimized. So stop waiting and test out this platform right now.

The internet works, but access needs a VPN.

The beIN Network

You may watch your Movistar Plus channels online for free on this beIN Connect website. For unlimited, cost-free access to all the content, you may also download the app to your mobile device.

You can even easily acquire the most recent information on the top football players and game results on this website. Therefore, don’t give yourself any reasons not to enjoy a selection of free football amusement.

While it seems that they do not now provide service for Spain, you may still enter from the websites that are suggested based on the subject matter that most interests you.


Another option to watch Movistar Plus online for free and take advantage of all the sports content is Elitegol. All of this may be done without signing up in advance or paying a monthly fee.

Just access the website, choose the choice that is appropriate for you, and take in the material that the platform offers. A little amount of advertising may be included, but it is easily avoidable with a few clicks. Dare to give our website’s diverse sports programming a try.

To access all the information, you simply need to connect via a VPN, or you may use an app like Opera or Tor that brings its own.

red flag

Another of the most well-liked websites for free live streaming of Movistar Plus television is this one. Red Card is a free Android software that may be downloaded if you have diverse likes in football.

This portal makes a variety of athletic events available to you. Also, the interface and menu, which are divided into sections for time, game, language, and channel, among others, will help you have a good day. Save yourself some time and visit this website to enjoy the stuff for free.

TV sports

If you are unable to afford a monthly subscription, do not miss your favorite Movistar Plus sports. Access Sport TV to watch all of the games, commentary shows, sports analysis, plus 60 other foreign networks live and for free.

The page has a mobile app that may be downloaded, much like the other sites on this list. You have nothing to lose as it features a visually appealing and simple UI. Access this space right now to support your preferred team from the comfort of your home.


Livesporttv is another another platform that is suggested. On your television, computer, mobile device, or any other digital device of your choosing, you may support your favorite team with this free service. You may watch rebroadcasts and live and delayed broadcasts of important sporting events on this website. Also, it offers a fascinating sports program.

The menu offers a wide variety of choices, including changing the language, choosing your favorite sport, a calendar, results, statistics tables, etc. It features an easy-to-use layout. Advertising is also non-intrusive. For further details, see this page’s list of sports, which includes baseball, rugby, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, and more.


Liveaugoal has a beautiful layout. You can find the programs and the schedule of the live broadcasts by concentrating on the left side of the interactive menu. You may discover some excellent movies featuring the outcomes of the various football matches on the right. Moreover, a schedule of the channels that will broadcast the games may be found.

Almost all of the European football leagues and competitions are included on the website as supplemental information. In addition to the Spanish League, there are other leagues like the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA Europa League. Liveaugoal is definitely a platform to consider.

Although only over VPN in certain areas, the page is operational.

The Best Programs for Free Online Movistar Plus Streaming

We’ve included two of the top free apps for Movistar Plus (Canal +) live streaming below. Several of these applications are really strong, and some of them can even be synced with SmartTV or Chromecast devices.

You may get fantastic digital entertainment via Online Video Cast. It provides you with a vast selection of movies, documentaries, news, and other content in addition to sports channels. Due of its exceptional understanding, the app is really simple to use. It is compatible with iOS, Android 4.4 or later, Chromecast, and other TV Box devices.

  1. Wiseplay: is one of the most capable apps on our list for watching Movistar Plus because to its various features. First off, you may attach it to your SmartTV to see all the material on a bigger, more comfortable screen. It is one of the channels with the most channels in both Spain and Latin America. It currently has several shortcomings, but they are anticipated to disappear shortly, therefore it remains on our list.
  2. MegaTV: It would be impossible to discuss the top websites and apps for watching Movistar Plus for free online and without bringing up MegaTV, a platform that provides you access to a big number of excellent-definition, entirely free live TV channels.

As extra information, you will also discover other channels like HBO, TNT, BeinSport, and generally the most well-liked in Spanish-speaking and Latin American culture in this list on addition to Movistar’s Canal +.

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