Output devices: what are they, types and examples

A computer’s output devices are those that are linked externally and that transmit data to the user. The computer monitor and printer are two of the most well-known examples of output devices. Stick with us to learn all there is to know about this category of hardware and how it interacts with computers.

You now understand that output devices are those that receive data from the computer and deliver it to the user via a variety of channels. Let’s examine what they are and what the most well-known output devices do. current day.

Typical uses for output devices

output devices

Due to their lack of integration inside the computer, output devices are sometimes referred to as peripherals. The primary purpose of output devices is to provide the user with information that has already been processed by a computer.

Unlike to so-called input devices, like the mouse, this sort of device does not primarily operate as an information entry device, but some of them may do both tasks.

The tasks that output devices now include are more sophisticated and specialized throughout time.

Characteristics of the Output Device

The following are the output devices’ primary features:

  • They are a part of the computer’s hardware.
  • They are in charge of duplicating information from the computer, including text, graphics, audio, and photographs.
  • These are necessary tools because without them, the user would be unable to use the computer.
  • They may be wired or wirelessly linked to the PC.
  • Using them is simple.
  • When technology develops, they are updated.
  • Generally speaking, they may be divided into audio output devices and picture output devices.

Mostly Used Outputs

This page lists a number of accessories that are the most popular and widely utilized as output devices, making them the most beneficial. But there are many more. The most typical gadgets you’ll discover as an addition to a computer perform the following tasks:



One of the most popular output devices is the printer. Its primary duty is to convert a textual or visual representation that we may see on a computer into a tangible form on paper.

The following stand out among the many printer kinds that we may find:

  • Printers that use inkjet technology are often the most prevalent, particularly in homes. They operate by dispersing ink onto the paper, which molds the picture that shows on the screen.
  • Designed for use by businesses that print in big quantities, laser printers often have a greater size. While they provide exceptional clarity and speed, they are expensive since they run on toner.


Another output device that consumers utilize the most often is the monitor. The display allows users to see information and pictures from the computer. To show the picture, the pixels that make up the image alter their color.

Displays have changed throughout time, becoming lighter and flatter. They can now show far crisper pictures thanks to this. The most typical varieties of monitors are:

It is a liquid crystal display, sometimes known as an LCD monitor (Liquid Crystal Display, in English). Liquid crystal molecules make up the many pixels that make up its structure. Many quantities and hues of light may pass through these crystals. Today, a broad range of gadgets have this screen installed.

It is a liquid crystal display that is lighted by LEDs. It is a flat screen, and the visuals are produced by light-emitting diodes. Moreover, retail signage and billboards employ LED displays. They often outperform conventional lighting in terms of efficiency and durability.

DLP (Digital Light Processing) monitors: they display DLP technology. A DMD semiconductor chip’s micromirrors produce the activity. The number of mirrors is related to the resolution of the picture, and each mirror represents a pixel in the projected image. The film business makes use of it.

Monitors with touch screens are now widely used. All of the laptops and tablets that we use on a daily basis have screens of this sort. A monitor with a touch screen enables users to submit data, information, and commands to the device by directly touching its surface.

In OLED displays, a layer of an organic material that can produce light when activated electrically is used. As the panel does not need to imitate the color black since the illumination for the picture is given by the pixels themselves, this results in substantially improved image quality, particularly in terms of contrast.


Another output device that people utilize the most is a pair of headphones. The most frequent uses of headphones as output devices are as follows:

  • With the built-in microphone of online games, you may communicate with other players.
  • utilizing services like Skype to communicate with other users.
  • Play music for you.
  • Watch multimedia items while listening to the audio with headphones.
  • Despite the fact that most headphones operate through a wired connection, many now rely solely on Bluetooth technology.


The way a projector works is by presenting a collection of pictures or movies on a projection screen. The projector serves as both a receiver and a transmitter of the information, which is taken straight from the computer.

Projectors come in a variety of forms:

DLP projectors: These projectors have a small footprint and decent resolution, but they can sacrifice color fidelity. Nonetheless, they are the least expensive and most suited for use in a home setting.

LCD projectors: The images produced by these projectors are significantly clearer and more lifelike. They might be used in academic or professional presentations. Additionally bear in mind that they cost more money than other projectors.

LED projectors: In this scenario, the picture quality is better than that of other projector kinds, and they also have the benefit of a longer usable life. Yet, it is important to note that it uses little energy.


The speakers are attached to the computer and are equipped to reproduce the sound that is output via an amplifier. The following speaker models are the most popular for computers:

As they employ Bluetooth technology, there is no need for a cable connection while using wireless speakers. They often have a small size that makes them quite portable, and the sound quality is excellent. They must be positioned near to the sound source, however, in order for the audio quality to increase.

The most common speaker configuration for computers is 5.1. They typically have four speakers, and the sound quality is decent if you’re not too picky. Depending on the model and the advantages you choose, the costs are drastically varied.

In this situation, 7.1 speakers are often the most popular option when seeking for the best possible sound quality. When you wish to have a modest home theater, they are the ideal choice. That is the costliest choice, however.

Disc-ROM or DVD

A user may record and save data using a DVD or CD-ROM as an output device. Among its exceptional capabilities are:

  • Using it as a backup in case the computer’s hard disk malfunctions.
  • act as a starting point for installing programs.
  • Display images, videos, or music.
  • mechanism for storing data.



Computers and computer networks may communicate with one another remotely thanks to devices called modems. The input and output functions are fulfilled by the information being broadcast through radio waves or bands.

There are essentially two categories of modem:

RDSI (Integrated Services Digital Network) telephone line is used by the digital modem, which operates at a speed of 128 kbps. The connection’s quality and setup are excellent.

The analog modem transforms digital signals into analog telephone signals to function. Via a regular phone connection, data is sent and received. The speed is lower and ranges from 9.5 Kbps to 56 Kbps.


Another well-known output device is a plotter. One of the printers most often used by designers and architects, they are utilized for printing massive blueprints or projects. Plotter types include the following three:

Printing plotter: This kind of printer is distinguished by exceptional quality and accuracy. Printing realistic pictures, huge photos, or posters is one of their main uses.

Plotters for cutting: are used to create accurate cuts, including die cuts. They are able to make cuts that are circular, horizontal, or vertical.

Mixed Plotter: The most versatile piece of equipment is the mixed plotter since it allows for both cutting and printing, making it suitable for a wider range of tasks.

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