8 Ways to get more Credits on Audible

One of the largest audiobook services worldwide is Amazon’s Audible audiobook library. Users of Audible can download specific audiobooks to their preferred device for a monthly subscription fee. Books must be purchased with cash or Audible credits in order to access any audiobooks not already included in the subscription.

On Audible, the majority of audiobooks cost one credit to buy, after which they are added to your library. The greatest ways to increase your Audible account’s credit are listed below.

1. Free 30-day Trial of Audible

Audible is available on Amazon for a free 30-day trial that includes one free audiobook credit (or two if you’re also an Amazon Prime member). This is a fantastic way to test out Audible and understand how it functions (and get a free audiobook or two).

You will also need to enter your payment information when registering for a free trial. However, payment won’t be deducted until the free trial is over, so set a reminder in case Audible isn’t right for you and you want to cancel the plan before you’re paid.

2. Audible Membership Options

You’ll be paid right away for the basic membership plan after the 30-day trial period. Prior to changing their service, Audible offered Gold and Platinum subscriptions. New plans include:

  • Audible Plus at a monthly cost of $7.95. With this selection, you have access to the nearly 11,000-title Audible Plus library. Audible Plus doesn’t add any fresh credits to your account, though.
  • Audible Premium Plus, which costs $14.95 each month. Premium Plus comes with 1 monthly credit and access to the Plus library.
  • Annual payment of $149.50 for Audible Premium Plus. This choice comes with 12 audiobook credits and access to the Plus library.
  • Two credits of Audible Premium Plus, monthly payment of $22.95 As the name implies, this more expensive choice gives you 2 credits per month in addition to access to the Plus library.
  • The $229.50/year Audible Premium Plus 2-credits plan. This selection comes with 24 credits annually and access to the Plus library.

3. Buy More Credits

It may seem apparent, but purchasing extra credits on Audible is the simplest way to increase your credit balance. If your membership’s credits run out, Audible sells a 3-credit bundle at a reduced price. The only restriction is that you must be a member for at least 30 days before you can enjoy this bargain.

The 3 credit bundle typically costs around $35 USD, making it more affordable per credit than the majority of audiobooks. We advise saving the credits for the more expensive titles and purchasing the audiobooks directly since they are less expensive.

4. Special Deals

On rare occasions, Audible will run special promotions on either credits or books. For instance, Audible provides a 2-for-1 audiobook collection that enables you to purchase two audiobooks for one credit. While using this technique won’t directly teach you how to earn credits on Audible, it will help you spread them out more.

5. Audible Challenges

For their subscribers, Audible occasionally organizes contests. They ran the Audible Challenge in 2020, offering a $20 Amazon credit to any customer who finished three audiobooks that were at least three hours long.

Sadly, Audible doesn’t always offer these discounts. Watch out for Audible challenges in the future, then!

6. Listen to Free Audiobooks

There are many free audiobooks available on Audible. These can be found by selecting Browse, followed by Amazon Originals, to access the section that contains them.

Other free audiobooks (and podcasts) are available on Audible under Audible’s Free Listens section.

You need to have a payment-related Amazon account in order to access these free audiobooks. Your Amazon account can always be deleted if you decide you don’t like it. Without using any of your credits, you can listen to as many of these free titles as you like. You can use your credits for titles that can be bought if you do this.

7. Promo Codes

To increase their readership, get reviews, or get some general feedback on their work, many authors who contribute to Audible’s library provide promotional codes. Usually, you can find these by following the author on social media or by keeping an eye out in areas where they might promote their work. You can listen to their audiobook for free using these codes without using any additional credits, so it’s like getting a free credit!

To enter a promotional code, click Library, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click Redeem a Promo Code. Simply enter your code after that and choose Redeem.

It’s possible to find a book you’re interested in reading if you search for Audible promo codes. An excellent starting point for this is Reddit!

8.Become an Audiobook Reviewer

Authors of audiobooks can list promotional codes on a number of websites in exchange for Audible reviews (and other platforms). Audiobookworm, Audio Freebies, and Audiobooks Unleashed are a few of these.

Each website has a slightly different system in place, but generally speaking, you select an audiobook, receive a promo code, and then are given a deadline and instructions for writing a review of that audiobook after listening to it.

Even if this doesn’t explain how to increase your Audible credit balance, it’s still a fantastic technique to receive free audiobooks if you have the time. However, bear in mind that these audiobooks might not only be found on Audible, but also in other apps.

Now You Know How to Get More Credits on Audible

On Audible, obtaining more credits is simple, but it frequently comes at a cost. If the Audible subscription is simply out of your price range, there are a number of options to take into account. For instance, your local library will provide a number of cost-free audiobooks as well as perhaps even subscriptions to services like Overdrive. With the use of their app, Overdrive offers unlimited access to a vast library of audiobooks.

If all else fails, a few free audiobook apps are also available on iTunes or the Google Play Store, which, despite typically having a smaller selection than Audible, can be a great place to start if you’re in the mood for a new book.

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