What is the difference between Lasik’s and Contoura’s vision?

Deciding to get vision correction surgery is a big decision. It’s not something to be taken lightly. There are many things to consider, such as which type of surgery is right for you and the risks involved. In this article, we will be discussing the two most popular types of vision correction surgery: LASIK and Contoura vision. Contoura and Lasik are the most significant kind of laser eye surgery for vision correction. Your doctor will conduct a number of thorough eye tests and talk with you about your visual requirements and expectations before recommending one of these for your eyes. Additionally, before making a choice, they will help you critically assess both methods.


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We’ll discuss the differences between these two procedures so you can determine which one is a better fit for you.


Overview of Lasik and Contoura’s vision

Lasers are utilized during LASIK eye surgery to precisely treat refractive defects that lead to visual issues. When your eye fails to bend light correctly, it creates a refractive error, which blurs your vision. For instance, it may result in blurred vision, nearsightedness, or farsightedness. The term “laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis” is abbreviated as “LASIK.” The words “in situ” and “keratomileusis,” refer to the reshaping of the cornea in your eye, respectively equating to “in position” or “in place,” respectively.


Contoura Vision is also referred to as topography-guided Lasik Surgery. It represents the most recent development in laser vision correction for the elimination of glasses. On the contrary, the Contoura method corrects corneal abnormalities in addition to improving the visual axis, whereas Lasik and SMILE procedures simply improve glasses power.


The most significant feature of Contoura Vision is that it gives the procedure a technical advantage over traditional LASIK surgery. When it comes to reshaping the cornea and correcting refractive faults in vision, earlier laser vision correction treatments have successfully given patients remarkable precision and accuracy. Contoura Vision, however, goes even further.


Contoura vision is a new, precise type of refractive surgery that can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. LASIK is another type of refractive surgery that can correct these issues. They both reshape the cornea to help you see more clearly.


 The main difference between Lasik’s and Contoura’s vision is that Contoura’s vision uses mapping technology to create a 3D image of the eye, allowing the surgeon to tailor the procedure to the individual patient’s needs. This results in a more accurate correction and leads to better visual outcomes. Lasik is still a very effective procedure, but it does not offer the same level of precision as Contoura vision. 


 If you are considering refractive surgery, talk to your doctor about which procedure is correct.


The difference between Lasik’s and Contoura’s vision

There are two types of refractive surgery: Lasik and Contoura vision. Both procedures involve using a laser to correct vision but differ in how the laser is used.


 Lasik surgery uses a laser to create a flap in the cornea, which is lifted so that the underlying tissue can be reshaped. Contoura vision surgery also uses a laser, which is applied directly to the surface of the eye to sculpt the tissue gently.


 Contoura’s vision has several advantages over Lasik’s:

  1. It can provide better results for people with higher levels of refractive error.
  2. It is less likely to cause dry eyes and other side effects.
  3. Contoura vision can be performed on patients with thin corneas or other conditions that would make them ineligible for Lasik surgery.


Compared to traditional LASIK, the technology utilized in the Contoura procedure is more comprehensive. The Contoura vision treatment maps 22000 points on the cornea, compared to the standard LASIK procedure’s 200 points.


Comparing contoura vision surgery to traditional LASIK surgery, fewer contraindications are seen. The tissue sustains comparatively less injury and heals more quickly.


Pros and cons of each procedure

There are a few critical differences between Lasik’s and Contoura’s vision, which may make one or the other a more attractive option for you.


Lasik involves reshaping the cornea with a laser, while Contoura vision uses a unique camera to map the cornea and then treat it with a laser.


Contoura vision can correct for higher-order aberrations, while Lasik cannot. It means that if you have astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness, Contoura vision may be a better option.


Contoura vision takes longer than Lasik but has been shown to result in better long-term visual acuity.


So, what’s the best option for you? Ultimately, this decision should be made between you and your eye doctor after a thorough examination.


Which procedure is correct for you?

It can be challenging to decide which vision correction procedure is correct for you. Both LASIK and Contoura Vision have their advantages and disadvantages. Here is a comparison of the two procedures to help you make a decision: 



  • LASIK is a very common procedure, so there is a lot of information available about it.
  • LASIK has been around longer than Contoura Vision, so there is more data available on its long-term effects.
  • LASIK is less expensive than Contoura Vision.
  • LASIK can be completed in one short session.



  • LASIK involves cutting a flap in the cornea, which could lead to complications such as dry eye or infection.
  • LASIK may not be suitable for people with thin corneas or certain types of vision problems.



There you have it! A brief rundown of the difference between Lasik and Contoura’s vision. While both procedures aim to correct your vision, they do so in different ways. Lasik uses a laser to reshape your cornea, while Contoura vision relies on mapping technology to target specific areas of your eye. With over 2/3 of patients achieving superior vision or vision greater than 6/6 and negligible side effects, Contoura Vision LASIK is, without a doubt, the finest Lasik eye surgery on the market right now. Furthermore, because the corneal aberrations are rectified by the customized laser, the occurrence of haloes, glare, and difficulty driving at night is low.


Ultimately, choosing the best option will depend on your needs and preferences. Talk to your eye doctor to see which procedure is correct for you.

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