How to write the heart symbol « ♥ » with the keyboard

How to write the heart symbol « ♥ » with the keyboard-Featured

Whether you use Windows or Mac, learning how to form a heart symbol with the keyboard is simple. There are several methods for doing it, and you may use a variety of intriguing symbols in addition to the heart sign.

Both Windows and Mac make it very simple to insert the heart symbol. You will have several choices to accomplish it depending on the machine you have. Don’t miss the next lesson with a thorough step-by-step if you want to understand how to accomplish it in many ways.

Background and significance of the heart symbol

The concept of love is represented by the heart as a symbol. By joining two symmetrical halves that represent the relationship, it is utilized to represent this kind of emotion.

Egypt is one of the places where the heart sign first appeared, albeit they depicted it much more like the vital muscle of the same name.

The ivy leaf that was worn as a crown by the deity Bacchus and whose symbolism was linked to fidelity, passion, and immortality served as the inspiration for the ancient Greek heart emblem.

window writing

Using ALT + ASCII Code

It is quite simple to use this option if your computer has a numeric keypad.

  • The first step is to turn on the NumLock feature of your keyboard so that you may use it in conjunction with the Alt key to create the combination necessary to make the heart symbol appear.
  • Press ALT and 3 now. Before tapping the 3 keys, keep holding down ALT.
  • When you hit 3 and then let go of the ALT key, the sign will show. It is crucial that you utilize the numeric keypad to complete this task because if you use the number 3 on the top bar, the heart symbol will not show.

having a character map

To input the heart symbol if your computer doesn’t have a numeric keyboard, you must go to the character map.

  • Open the Start menu by selecting it from the desktop’s lower left corner.
  • Once you’ve entered “character map” and opened the Advanced View box, select Symbols and Bullets under the Unicode Subrange option. Your screen will display a plethora of other symbols, including the heart icon.
  • Click twice, then click and hold the “Copy” button. Now all you have to do is copy it and paste it into your text using the Ctrl > V keyboard shortcut.

type on a MAC

As there is no special command, it is impossible to directly type the heart sign on a Mac keyboard. Nevertheless, it may be positioned by using the Emoji display option.

Symbol Viewer for Mac

  • You must select “System Preferences” from the Apple menu in the upper left to add the heart symbol on Mac.
  • the menu bar, select Keyboard > Display keyboard and emoji viewers. There will be a new emoji display choice.
  • You must choose Edit> Emoji and symbols in order to see the heart symbol. You may examine several varieties of hearts by selecting the Symbols option under the Emojis category.

compose in linux

The Linux operating system is distinct and much simpler than inputting the heart symbol. Just complete the following:

  • Hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys.
  • When you continue to hit the aforementioned keys, write the code u2665.
  • Ready! The heart icon is already shown on your screen.

with a laptop and no numeric keypad

A different key combination is needed for laptop keyboards than for desktop keyboards since they have a smaller keypad. Here, we’ll take the following actions:

  • By pressing Fn and NumLock, the numeric keypad will be activated.
  • Hit the key that corresponds to the number 3, which is often L, and then Alt.
  • After finished, you will have the heart sign on paper.

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