Investigators codecov 29k aprilsatterreuters


Investigators codecov 29k aprilsatterreuters

After conducting an inquiry into the data breach, the investigators discovered that 5.1 million documents were taken from their database.

As a result of the breach

29k It has come to our attention that April is a member of the security team of the Hacking Team, and she is the one who has been tasked with looking into the claims that there was a security breach in the organization’s internal network.

According to the results of the investigation, the hacker contacted Hacking Team’s system administrators on April 29 through email to inform them of the data theft and to make a demand for payment. The email included a link that led to a Dropbox account, which was where the stolen data had been kept. After receipt of this email, the security personnel of Hacking Team immediately started searching their systems for any indications of an infiltration. Moreover, they attempted to get in contact with April, but it seems that she was out of town at the time.

When our security experts investigated the stolen information, they could not find any indication that the Hacking Team’s networks had been compromised in any way. Regrettably, April seems to have fallen victim to a prank that resulted in the disclosure of her credentials, which were then used to access her own email account. We suspect that the hacker obtained access to April’s network by sending her an email with a malicious link or file, which she then opened, so causing damage to her laptop and providing the hacker access to the network. This is how we came to this conclusion.


April 29, 2019

The investigation into the March 2019 incident is ongoing. In comparison to the April 4th release, which included just 1.4K lines of code, the April 29th release contained almost 5.1K lines of code, leading us to suspect that at least one file essential to our test suite was intentionally updated, potentially impacting performance.

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