Soccer Star Neymar Jr. Buys And Shows Off His Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT

Soccer Star Neymar Jr. Buys And Shows Off His Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT-featured

Among other NFTs, the well-known football player Neymar Jr. owns two Bored Apes. He has used ENS addresses and digital tokens worth more than $1 million.

Neymar Jr., a successful PSG player, Brazilian national team goal scorer, and NFT enthusiast, is the newest inductee into the exclusive Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Neymar tweeted a picture of his new pink ape wearing flashy futuristic glasses and the message #BoredApeYC to inform his supporters of the news.

Neymar Junior Enjoys NFTs

Neymar altered his profile image on January 20 and used the Bored Ape 6633 as his avatar. OpenSea’s data shows that the soccer player spent 159.99 ETH to purchase the monkey. Using the price of ETH at the time as a benchmark, the cost would be about $481,6K USD. When the same monkey sold for 96 ETH, this indicates a gain of more than 66% in less than a month.

But Neymar owns other NFTs except Ape 6633. The soccer player also owns Ape 5269, an even more precious ape, which he purchased for 189.69 ETH, or more than $570K at the time of writing.

Laser eyes are a popular trend among maximalist bitcoiners who assert that the price of Bitcoin may soon reach $100,000. Neymar’s most prized ape has them.

Later, the Apes were moved from Neymar’s “EneJay” account to one called “EneJayVault,” apparently for security purposes.

Neymar also owns additional NFTs, such as flipped Doodles, flipped CryptoPunks, flipped BAYC, and one from the ACESnikers fashion line, in addition to the pricey Apes.

In case someone wants to give Neymar any NFTs regarding the well-known “crypto meme,” he also owns the ENS neymar-loves-rarepepes.eth.

NFTs: From a Small Niche to a Big Trend

Since prominent corporations, celebrities, athletes, and well-known musicians began to use NFTs, their use has grown fairly quickly.

BAYC NFTs serve as membership tokens and representation avatars for an online social club. They were introduced in April 2021 with an initial price of 0.08 ETH and have since gained popularity to overtake the floor price of the immensely popular Crypto Punks to become the most valuable collection.

In order to demonstrate that they are the legitimate owners of a particular Avatar, users can show their NFTs in a unique frame using Twitter’s new NFT verification tool. In doing so, they refute the argument put forth by certain detractors who assert that keeping a duplicate of an NFT image is equivalent to owning it.

NFTs currently mostly serve speculative and aesthetic purposes, although they might gain more notoriety in the future. NFTs will be used in game and software innovations to represent items in the metaverse, and supply chain, political, and identity verification use cases are still being investigated.

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