Wallaroo New York-based 25m series A New York-based tech startup called microsoft m12wiggersventurebeat recently announced that it had raised $25 million in a Series B funding round. The round was led by Microsoft’s venture fund M12, and Wiggers Ventures and VentureBeat also took part. This big round of funding is an important step for a business that has grown by leaps and bounds since it opened at the end of 2016. With the money from this capital raise, Wallaroo will be able to put money into product development, hiring, and other areas of growth.

Wallaroo Media:

Wallaroo Media

In 2018, Justin Wiggers and Ryan Stoner helped start a business in New York City called Wallaroo Media. The main goal of the company is to make machine learning and data science useful and easy to use for businesses of all sizes. They made a strong data platform called Wallaroo that helps companies quickly analyze huge amounts of data and get real-time insights.

Wallaroo recently said that it had finished the $25 million Series A round, which was run by Microsoft’s venture capital fund, M12. This is the biggest Series A investment ever made by a company based in New York City. With the money, Wallaroo will be able to reach more customers with their 25m series Microsoft m12wiggersventurebeat platform and add more engineers and data scientists to their team.

VentureBeat says in a new article that Wallaroo’s purchase is part of a larger trend of big companies investing in companies in the field of data science. With giants like Google, IBM, and Microsoft at the top, it is clear that there is a huge market for new companies like Wallaroo.

With this new money, wallaroo nybased 25m series Microsoft m12wiggersventurebeat will be able to keep coming up with new ideas and give customers even better products and services. This is an exciting time for this company, and we can’t wait to see what they can do with these new funds.

25M Series:

Wallaroo Media, a media company based in New York, just announced that it is getting $25 million in new investments. It was a Series A investment that was led by Microsoft’s venture arm, M12, and in which Wiggers Ventures also took part. The company just announced the Wallaroo platform, which lets users make videos of their experiences and share them with others.

With this new round of funding, Wallaroo Media plans to add more people to its product and engineering teams to improve the platform and make it reach more people. Dave Tepper, the CEO of Wallaroo, was excited about the new round of funding. He said, “This is a very exciting time to be a corporation in the years to come, as we invent and develop products that change the way people tell stories.” We are excited to have Microsoft’s venture arm, M12, and Wallaroo, a New York-based company with 25 million dollars in venture capital, join us on this journey.

Investors and experts in the field were excited about the news. In an article, VentureBeat praised Wallaroo’s plan to make a simple platform that lets people talk to each other through video. It looks like they’ll be able to do that with the help of their most recent investment.

This Group Wallaroo Media’s big plans to change the way we tell stories through video start with a round of $25 million. With this huge infusion of cash, we can be sure that Wallaroo Media will do some amazing things in the near future.



Wiggers is an investment company that puts most of its money into startups in emerging markets. It was started by Jeffrey Wiggers, and it has put money into more than fifty companies all over the world, including Wallaroo Media. With the help of Microsoft’s venture arm, M12, the company was able to help Wallaroo Media close its $25 million funding round. This investment shows how well wallaroo nybased 25m series Microsoft m12wiggersventurebeat products and services are doing in their target markets. Wallaroo’s New York-based 25m series Microsoft m12wiggersventurebeat will be able to expand its services and keep coming up with new ideas in the digital media space with the new money. In a VentureBeat article about Wallaroo’s growth potential, the funding from Wiggers was brought up. Wallaroo hopes that the 25M series will help it become a leader in the field of digital media.



VentureBeat recently reported that Wallaroo Media, an advertising and media platform based in New York, has raised $25 million in its most recent funding round. The Microsoft M12 unit led this round of funding.

Wallaroo wants to help publishers make more money from digital media and give their viewers a better ad experience. They also give brands access to a huge library of videos, which lets users see how well their advertising campaigns are doing.

The new round of funding will be bigger than the last one, which was announced in October and included investments from David Wiggers’s venture capital company, Wiggers Ventures.

The money can be used to help Wallaroo grow and hire more engineers and product experts to keep up with market demands. Wallaroo wants to improve the quality of their video advertising solutions by putting out more tools and products.

With digital video streaming becoming more popular, the new round of funding could have a big impact on Wallaroo’s ability to keep coming up with new ideas in the field. It will be interesting to see how this new investment helps Wallaroo reach its goals as it grows and expands.

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