How to type the underscore symbol « _ » with the keyboard

How to type the underscore symbol « _ » with the keyboard-Featured

The space key has been replaced by the underscore (_), which separates words and has gradually changed the space key’s function and position on keyboards.

You may learn how to write the underscore on various devices using a Spanish keyboard if we have previously covered how to form braces, brackets, the long dash, the check sign, the backslash, etc. in prior topics. too simple!

Script in the windows

using a keyboard

The arrangement of this keyboard, which is the most popular type and might vary according on the Spanish manufacturer, is often three keys after the “M,” immediately next to the “SHIFT.”

Now that you know what it is, you must simultaneously press “SHIFT + _” in order to type an underscore. Do not be concerned; we have given you a photograph to use as a reference.

Using ASCII code

Another option is to utilize the straightforward ASCII instructions. All you have to do is:

  1. Hit “95” and “Alt” simultaneously. On the numeric keypad to the right of the keyboard, don’t forget to hit 95.
  2. It’s interesting to note that, if your keyboard is different, the underscore also often appears just above the letter “P.”

Using Character Map

Character Map

If for any reason you are unable to enter the underscore using the keyboard, you may copy and paste the underscore sign into the desired text by searching for it in the Windows character map.

Windows Character Map should be opened. You may accomplish this by entering “charmap” or “charmap.exe” into the start menu (without the quotes).

Find the underscore sign by looking. Typically, it may be found in the fourth row of the character list. On it, click twice.

The underscore will display in the “Characters to copy” box when you double-click it. After that, click “Copy,” and the underscore will be in your clipboard.

Just right-click on the text, then choose “Paste” to utilize it. Pressing “Ctrl + V” is an additional method.

Using Virtual Keyboard

Enabling the on-screen keyboard in Windows is another really useful way to write underscores. To do this, adhere to the guidelines below:

  1. Open the “Start” menu and enter “On-Screen Keyboard” or “osk.exe” in the search field (without the quotes).
  2. A keyboard will appear on-screen. The underscore is conveniently located and used there.

You can easily shut the keyboard when you’re done.

Publish in Linux

The procedure to insert the underscore is as follows if you are using the Linux operating system, especially the GNOME desktop in UBUNTU:

  1. When pressing “CTRL+SHIFT+u,” do so simultaneously.
  2. You should hit the “5f” key while keeping these keys depressed.

As soon as all keys are released, the underscore will show up on the screen.

Type on a MAC

  1. The steps to add an underscore on a Mac computer are as follows:
  2. Just press the “Shift” key while simultaneously pressing the “underscore” key in the bottom right.

With Cellular

Modern smartphones are simple to use since they simply need that you perform the following:

For other devices, just click “?123” and then note that the underscore (_) is located immediately to the left of the space key.

Now that you know precisely how to use your keyboard to type the underscore (_), attempt to remember the command by practicing every day.

Using a laptop

While using a laptop, you may type an underscore by hitting “shift + _” or by using one of the other methods we listed above for PCs.

When should you use an underscore?

It is only used in situations involving new information technologies, such as email or web pages. That is typically worthless while writing.

Regular inquiries

Where on an English keyboard can you find the underscore ( )?

The underscore (_) key is situated above the “P” key and to the right of the “0” key on the English keyboard.

The underscore was used to highlight previously typed text when there were only typewriters. Subsequently, it began to be used in contexts where the usage of spaces was prohibited, such in website Addresses.

Last Words

In the context of email, users often append an underscore to their emails when their names are not accessible for registration. When “[email protected]” is not accessible, for instance, they decide to register it as “juan [email protected]”. Also, it is used for social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

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